Introduction to Workplace Safety and Security

A 2006 American Worker Safety Survey performed by the National Safety Council reported 5000 workplace deaths and 3.7 million disabling injuries in 2004. In the same year, the cost of accidental injuries at work was nearly $142 billion. The National Safety Council’s “Injury Facts” report of 2007 revealed that a work related death occurs in America once every hour. All enterprises want to provide a safe and secure work environment, but how do you identify the needs and implement positive cultural changes to accomplish this task? Safety and security are normally considered supportive roles in business operations, yet their impact has a direct effect on company profits and losses. Loss time accidents, worker compensation insurance premiums, and OSHA fines for non-compliances all greatly influence the profit line. Protection of assets, employees, proprietary information and public safety are major issues in the security world. In this workshop, participants will learn how to incorporate safety and security policies and rules to support business goals, improve safety attitudes, and utilize security.

Topics Covered:
• Understand your safety attitude in your work environment
• Learn to pro-actively identify safety concerns
• Review Blood borne pathogen issues, safe lifting, Haz com Applications
• Practice ways to heighten Safety Awareness—Safety incentives
• Determine ways to facilitate security

Who will benefit:
Anyone with safety/security responsibilities; in particular, HR professionals.



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