Identifying and Developing Leaders

Leadership development interventions can be distinguished from career development.  In leadership development, the focus is on developing the knowledge and competencies to successfully implement strategy and manage a business.  In career development, the focus is on building the knowledge and skills the individual believes will best equip them  for the career they prefer.  Ideally, there is considerable overlap between the two.
Together we will explore leadership excellence from the perspectives of both leadership inputs (behaviors, competencies and  values) and leadership outcomes and results (organizational performance, productivity, stakeholder satisfaction). We all want to excel, to be valued, to make a difference. Too often, however, something unexpected happens to us as we progress along our career journey. We wake up one morning and realize we’re not quite where we wanted to be. Our employer doesn’t seem to value us as highly as we’d like-and we wonder why. This “moment of truth” may come early or late-or it may not come at all. In fact, many people remain highly valued and deeply satisfied throughout their working lives. How? They understand their employer’s expectations, those unwritten rules of the game that define what high performance looks like over the course of a career. If you want to remain a top contributor, you’ve got to change the way you contribute. The same skills and approaches that make you a star early in your career won’t guarantee you continued fame and fortune as the years pass.
In this workshop, participants learn how to improve their personal effectiveness to achieve their goals and better understand how they impact others and improve their leadership skills in the process.
·         Leadership Inputs and Outputs
·         A short Walk through the History of Leadership in Business
·         Beginning with Ourselves
·         From Managing Self to Managing Others

Who will benefit:
Anyone interested in improving their leadership skills in particular, HR professionals involved in growing leaders for an organization

Instructor: Mike Vescuso


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