HRM’S Strategic Role in Contributing to Organizational Effectiveness

Effective management of human resources has proven to be a critical component in the success of a business. Effective HR leads to positive employee outcomes including engagement, commitment, satisfaction, and performance. Effective HR also has been linked to superior company performance. In this workshop, participants will examine leading companies’ best practices in the areas of recruitment, selection, training, performance management and compensation.

Topics Covered:
• How can human resources be managed so that they create a competitive advantage for a firm?
• How can a company find qualified applicants and identify the applicants who will be outstanding employees?
• What are the critical decisions that must be made in creating an effective training program?
• How can a performance management system be created so that it accurately evaluates performance and encourages employers to continually improve?
• What are the key steps in creating a compensation system that is fair and competitive?

Who will benefit:
HR and business professionals who are interested in gaining insights on best practices in human resources.

Sandy J. Wayne, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, Professor & Director of the Center for Human Resource Management


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