Connecting Training to Business Objectives

Training is often the first area sliced out of the budget during difficult economic times. Although there may be a myriad of reasons for this, the bottom line is: training programs have often failed to prove their return on investment (ROI).    And paradoxically, when a company has experienced a reduction in force, the surviving employees need training to improve efficiencies.  Training programs that are connected to the strategic goals of the organization increase the likelihood that individual performance will be improved and correspondingly operational performance will be positively enhanced. Participants will learn techniques for:

a) discovering business needs

b) assessing where current performance levels are

c) identifying issues affecting individual contributor performance

d) designing plans to improve performance


This workshop will demonstrate to attendees how to better select training for employees to improve the return on investment. Additionally, the workshop will assist supervisors  in the key ability to recognize  when it is not a training issue rather a symptom of the organization (policies, procedures, compensation design, cross discipline divides etc.) And finally when training is matched to organizational needs the knowledge gained in training is better transferred to skills in the job.

Why Participate?

  • Learn to match the training to the organizational needs.
  • Take home an increased ability to discern when to train and how to train.
  • Recognize and identify the barriers to transferring the new knowledge to the job and develop techniques to remove the barriers.

Who should attend?

Supervisors who want to improve the return on investment on training for organizational success.

Cindy Guthrie, MS, SPHR is an instructor and professional speaker/trainer at Three Degrees of Change


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